Silence Project Seminar


Seminar program

A joint Nordic seminar about the everyman´s right

Latest update! Joining the seminar will be Lise Bjørne Linnert, artist, Elin Kiraly, philosopher and Eeva Furman, marine biologist. All holding individual and engaging talks in various formats. For a more in-depth presentation of the speakers, please follow the event on Facebook.

How can we keep the tradition of the everyman´s right alive for the future generation? How does this tradition connect social entities – individuals as well as collectives? In what ways does it inspire cultural life and art? And what can be learned from and about the everyman`s right in global platforms?

The everyman’s right seminar explores the notion that there´s no freedom without responsibility inviting reflection, dialogue and experiments.

The main objective is to examine elements of everyman’s right in Nordic countries today; an issue that fundamentally connects all Nordic and Baltic countries.

In a climate of growing protectionism and capital gain, the need to safeguard free access to land, nature, water and ressources is greater than ever. Thus, the seminar seeks to establish an alternative forum made up of people from a multidisciplinary background interested in challenging the growing tendency to compromise communal rights.

Through the lens of an interdisciplinary attitude the Silence Projects is setting out to challenge the boundaries that separate disciplines and fields of interest. By doing so, a space within which common factors of the everyman´s right can be identified as key connectors is created. Furthermore, such an interdisciplinary, open approach fosters cultural dialogue and exchange between Nordic, Baltic, European and international platforms.

The long term aim is to make the shared reflections, developed ideas and possible solutions of this forum available and accessable to a much wider audience: to a Nordic, Baltic and an international audience.

The Silence Project aims to collaborate with different disciplines operaing individually, but always along the line of the original theme that builds the focus point and nucleus of the project. Each domain will benefit from the others through collaborative exchange and interaction.

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Voksenåsen and Nina Backman also hostes a Silence Meal December 7th. 

For more information about the Voksenåsen Silence Project please contact Program Coordinator Sofia Clausen.

The seminar is free, but registration through Ticket co is mandatory. 

Silence Projectl is financially supported by FINNO, Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland and Norges ambassade i Tyskland,